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2006Deletion of copies of the gene encoding old yellow enzyme (TcOYE), a NAD(P)H flavin oxidoreductase, associates with in vitro-induced benznidazole resistance in Trypanosoma cruziMurta, Silvane Maria Fonseca; Krieger, Marco Aurelio; Montenegro, Luciana Ribeiro; Nunes, Fernanda Freire Campos; Probst, Christian Macagnan; Avila, Andrea Rodrigues; Muto, Nair Hideko; Oliveira, Regina Lucia Batista da Costa de; Nunes, Luiz Roberto; Nird, Philippe; Romero, Oscar Bruna; Goldenberg, Samuel; Romanha, Álvaro Josérestricted accessArticle
2017RNA-binding proteins and their role in the regulation of gene expression in Trypanosoma cruzi and Saccharomyces cerevisiaeOliveira, Camila; Faoro, Helisson; Alves, Lysangela Ronalte; Goldenberg, Samuelopen accessArticle
2013mRNA localization mechanisms in Trypanosoma cruziAlves, Lysangela Ronalte; Guerra-Slompo, Eloise P.; Oliveira, Arthur V. de; Malgarin, Juliane Soldi; Goldenberg, Samuel; Dallagiovanna, Brunoopen accessArticle
2015In vitro metacyclogenesis of Trypanosoma cruzi induced by starvation correlates with a transient adenylyl cyclase stimulation as well as with a constitutive upregulation of adenylyl cyclase expressionHamedi, Afsaneh; Botelho, Larisse; Britto, Constança; Fragoso, Stenio Perdigão; Umaki, Adriana Castilhos Souza; Goldenberg, Samuel; Bottu, Guy; Salmon, Didierrestricted accessArticle
1985Stage specific gene expression precedes morphological changes during Trypanosoma cruzi metacyclogenesisContreras, Victor T.; Morel, Carlos Medicis; Goldenberg, Samuelopen accessArticle
1985In vitro differentiation of Trypanosoma cruzi under chemically defined conditionsContreras, Victor T.; Salles, Jussara M.; Thomas, Neide; Morel, Carlos Medicis; Goldenberg, Samuelopen accessArticle
2014The mRNAs associated to a zinc finger protein from Trypanosoma cruzi shift during stress conditionsAlves, Lysangela Ronalte; Oliveira, Camila; Morking, Patricia Alves; Kessler, Rafael Luis; Martins, Sharon de Toledo; Romagnoli, Bruno Accioly Alves; Marchini, Fabrício Klerynton; Goldenberg, Samuelopen accessArticle
1984Facts and hypothesis on Trypanosoma cruzi differentiationGoldenberg, Samuel; Contreras, Victor T.; Salles, Jussara M.; Bonaldo, Myrna C.; Franco, Maria Pia A. de Lima; Linss, Jutta; Lafaille, Juan; Valle, Denise; Morel, Carlos Medicisopen accessArticle
2012The zinc finger protein TcZFP2 binds target mRNAs enriched during Trypanosoma cruzi metacyclogenesisMörking, Patricia Alves; Rampazzo, Rita de Cássia Pontello; Walrad, Pegine; Probst, Christian Macagnan; Soares, Maurilio José; Gradia, Daniela Fiori; Pavoni, Daniela Parada; Krieger, Marco Aurélio; Matthews, Keith; Goldenberg, Samuel; Fragoso, Stenio Perdigão; Dallagiovanna, Brunoopen accessArticle
2015Ribosome profiling reveals translation control as a key mechanism generating differential gene expression in Trypanosoma cruziSmircich, Pablo; Eastman, Guillermo; Bispo, Saloe; Duhagon, María Ana; Guerra-Slompo, Eloise P.; Garat, Beatriz; Goldenberg, Samuel; Munroe, David J.; Dallagiovanna, Bruno; Holetz, Fabíola Barbieri; Sotelo-Silveira, Joseopen accessArticle