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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)CopyrightType
2015In vitro metacyclogenesis of Trypanosoma cruzi induced by starvation correlates with a transient adenylyl cyclase stimulation as well as with a constitutive upregulation of adenylyl cyclase expressionHamedi, Afsaneh; Botelho, Larisse; Britto, Constança; Fragoso, Stenio Perdigão; Umaki, Adriana Castilhos Souza; Goldenberg, Samuel; Bottu, Guy; Salmon, Didierrestricted accessArticle
2011An essential nuclear protein in trypanosomes is a component of mRNA transcription/export pathwaySerpeloni, Mariana; Moraes, Carolina Borsoi; Muniz, João Renato Carvalho; Motta, Maria Cristina Machado; Ramos, Augusto Savio Peixoto; Kessler, Rafael Luis; Inoue, Alexandre Haruo; Rocha, Wanderson Duarte da; Yamada-Ogatta, Sueli Fumie; Fragoso, Stenio Perdigão; Goldenberg, Samuel; Freitas-Junior, Lucio H.; Ávila, Andréa Rodriguesopen accessArticle
2009Expression and subcellular localization of kinetoplast-associated proteins in the different developmental stages of Trypanosoma cruziCavalcanti, Danielle Pereira; Shimada, Márcia Kiyoe; Probst, Christian Macagnan; Souto-Padrón, Thais Cristina Baeta Soares; Souza, Wanderley de; Goldenberg, Samuel; Fragoso, Stenio Perdigão; Motta, Maria Cristina Machadoopen accessArticle
2010A high-throughput cloning system for reverse genetics in Trypanosoma cruziBatista, Michel; Marchini, Fabricio Klerynton; Celedon, Paola A. F.; Fragoso, Stenio Perdigão; Probst, Christian M.; Preti, Henrique; Ozaki, Luiz S.; Buck, Gregory A.; Goldenberg, Samuel; Krieger, Marco Aurélioopen accessArticle