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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)CopyrightType
2016The role of the Trypanosoma Cruzi TcNRBD1 Protein in translationOliveira, Camila; Carvalho, Paulo Costa; Alves, Lysangela Ronalte; Goldenberg, Samuelopen accessArticle
2015Ribosome profiling reveals translation control as a key mechanism generating differential gene expression in Trypanosoma cruziSmircich, Pablo; Eastman, Guillermo; Bispo, Saloe; Duhagon, María Ana; Guerra-Slompo, Eloise P.; Garat, Beatriz; Goldenberg, Samuel; Munroe, David J.; Dallagiovanna, Bruno; Holetz, Fabíola Barbieri; Sotelo-Silveira, Joseopen accessArticle
2017RNA-binding proteins and their role in the regulation of gene expression in Trypanosoma cruzi and Saccharomyces cerevisiaeOliveira, Camila; Faoro, Helisson; Alves, Lysangela Ronalte; Goldenberg, Samuelopen accessArticle
2019Unveiling the partners of the DRBD2-mRNP complex, an RBP in Trypanosoma cruzi and ortholog to the yeast SR-protein Gbp2Wippel, Helisa Helena; Malgarin, Juliane Soldi; Inoue, Alexandre Haruo; Leprevost, Felipe da Veiga; Carvalho, Paulo Costa; Goldenberg, Samuel; Alves, Lysangela Ronalteopen accessArticle