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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)CopyrightType
20174-aminopyridyl-based lead compounds targeting CYP51 prevent spontaneous parasite relapse in a chronic model and improve cardiac pathology in an acute model of Trypanosoma cruzi infectionCalvet, Claudia Magalhaes; Choi, Jun Yong; Thomas, Diane; Suzuki, Brian; Hirata, Ken; Lostracco-Johnson, Sharon; Mesquita, Liliane Batista de; Nogueira, Alanderson; Batista, Marcelo Meuser; Silva, Tatiana Araujo; Siqueira Neto, Jair Lage; Roush, William R.; Pereira, Mirian Claudia de Souza; McKerrow, James H.; Podust, Larissa accessArticle
2016Proteins involved on TGF-β pathway are up-regulated during the acute phase of experimental Chagas diseaseFerreira, Roberto Rodrigues; Souza, Elen Mello de; Oliveira, Fabiane Loiola de; Ferrão, Patrícia Mello; Gomes, Leonardo Henrique Ferreira; LIma, Leila Mendonça; Batista, Marcelo Meuser; Bailly, Sabine; Feige, Jean Jacques; Araujo-Jorge, Tania C.; Waghabi, Mariana Caldasrestricted accessArticle
2007Fas ligand-dependent inflammatory regulation in acute myocarditis induced by Trypanosoma cruzi infectionOliveira, Gabriel Melo de; Diniz, Rafaela Lopes; Batista, Wanderson; Batista, Marcelo Meuser; Correa, Cristiane Bani; Araujo-Jorge, Tânia C.; Henriques-Pons, Andréarestricted accessArticle