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2000HIV-1 diversity in Brazil: genetic, biologic, and immunologic characterization of HIV-1 strains in three potential HIV vaccine evaluation sites. Brazilian Network for HIV Isolation and CharacterizationBongertz, Vera; Bou-Habib, Dumith Chequer; Brígido, Luís Fernando de Macedo; Caseiro, Marcos Montani; Chequer, P. J. N; Fernandez, José Carlos Couto; Ferreira, P. C. P; Castro Filho, Bernardo Galvão; Greco, D; Guimarães, Monick Lindenmeyer; Carvalho, Maria Inês Linhares de; Morgado, Mariza Gonçalves; Oliveira, C. A; Osmanov, S; Ramos, C. A; Rossini, Marília Almeida Antunes; Sabino, Ester Cerdeira; Tanuri, Amilcar; Ueda, Mopen accessArticle
1999HIV-1 subtyping in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil: a city with African sociodemographic characteristicsFernandez, José Carlos Couto; Morgado, Mariza Gonçalves; Bongertz, Vera; Tanuri, Amilcar; Andrade, Tarcisio Mattos de; Alves, Carlos Roberto Brites; Castro Filho, Bernardo Galvãoopen accessArticle
2005Survival of AIDS patients using two case definitions, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1986–2003Campos, Dayse Pereira; Ribeiro, Sayonara Rocha; Grinsztejn, Beatriz Gilda Jegerhorn; Santos, Valdiléa Gonçalves Veloso dos; Valente, Joaquim Gonçalves; Bastos, Francisco Inácio Pinkusfeld Monteiro; Morgado, Mariza Gonçalves; Gadelha, Angela Maria Jourdanopen accessArticle
2005Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 neutralization by plasma from B or F genotype infected individualsBongertz, Vera; Teixeira, Sylvia Lopes Maia; Grinsztejn, Beatriz Gilda Jegerhorn; Pilotto, Jose Henrique da Silva; Santos, Valdiléa Gonçalves Veloso dos; Morgado, Mariza Gonçalves; Bastos, Francisco Inácio Pinkusfeld Monteiro; Reis, Elaine Priscilla Ouverneyopen accessArticle
2006Assessing sexually transmitted infections in a cohort of women living with HIV/AIDS, in Rio de Janeiro, BrazilGrinsztejn, Beatriz Gilda Jegerhorn; Bastos, Francisco Inácio Pinkusfeld Monteiro; Santos, Valdiléa Gonçalves Veloso dos; Friedman, Ruth Khalili; Pilotto, Jose Henrique da Silva; Schechter, Mauro; Derrico, Monica; Andrade, Angela Cristina Vasconcelos de; Lourenço, Maria Cristina da Silva; Moreira, Ronaldo Ismerio; Russomano, Fabio; Morgado, Mariza Gonçalves; Currier, Judith accessArticle
2000Human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and tropical diseases: a brazilian perspectiveMorgado, Mariza Gonçalves; Barcellos, Christovam de Castro; Pina, Maria de Fátima Rodrigues Pereira de; Bastos, Francisco Inácio Pinkusfeld Monteiroopen accessArticle
2005Is human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome decreasing among Brazilian injection drug users? Recent findings and how to interpret themBastos, Francisco Inácio Pinkusfeld Monteiro; Bongertz, Vera; Teixeira, Sylvia Lopes Maia; Morgado, Mariza Gonçalves; Hacker, Mariana de Andrea Vilas-Boasopen accessArticle
1994V3 region polymorphisms in HIV-1 from Brazil: prevalence of subtype B strains divergent from North American/European prototype and detection of subtype FMorgado, Mariza Gonçalves; Sabino, Ester Cerdeira; Shpaer, Eugene G; Bongertz, Vera; Brigido, Luís Fernando de Macedo; Guimaraes, Mark Drew Crosland; Castilho, Euclides Ayres de; Castro Filho, Bernardo Galvão; Mullins, James I; Hendry, R Michael; Mayer, Allenopen accessArticle
2012Monitoring the emergence of resistance mutations in patients infected with HIV-1 under salvage therapy with raltegravir in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: a follow-up studyPassaes, Caroline Pereira Bittencourt; Guimarães, Monick Lindenmeyer; Cardoso, Sandra Wagner; Pilotto, José Henrique; Veloso, Valdilea; Grinsztejn, Beatriz; Morgado, Mariza Gonçalvesrestricted accessArticle
2010Prevalence, estimated HIV-1 incidence and viral diversity among people seeking voluntary counseling and testing services in Rio de Janeiro, BrazilCastro, Carlos A. Velasco de; Grinsztejn, Beatriz Gilda Jegerhorn; Santos, Valdiléa Gonçalves Veloso dos; Bastos, Francisco Inácio Pinkusfeld Monteiro; Pilotto, Jose Henrique da Silva; Morgado, Mariza Gonçalvesopen accessArticle