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2010Changes in cell migration-related molecules expressed by thymic microenvironment during experimental Plasmodium berghei infection: consequences on thymocyte developmentGameiro, Jacy; Nagib, Patrícia R. A.; Andrade, Carolina F.; Verde, Déa M. S. Villa; Barbosa, Suse D. Silva; Savino, Wilson; Costa, Fábio T. M.; Verinaud, Lianarestricted accessArticle
2010EphB2-mediated interactions are essential for proper migration of T cell progenitors during fetal thymus colonizationStimamiglio, Marco A.; Jiménez, Eva; Barbosa, Suse D. Silva; Alfaro, David; García-Ceca, José J.; Muñoz, Juan J.; Cejalvo, Teresa; Savino, Wilson; Zapata, Agustínrestricted accessArticle
2008Human myoblast engraftment is improved in laminin-enriched microenvironmentBarbosa, Suse D. Silva; Butler-Browne, Gillian S.; Mello, Wallace de; Riederer, Ingo; Di Santo, James P.; Savino, Wilson; Mouly, Vincentrestricted accessArticle
2012Slowing down differentiation of engrafted human myoblasts into immunodeficient mice correlates with increased proliferation and migrationRiederer, Ingo; Negroni, Elisa; Bencze, Maximilien; Wolff, Annie; Aamiri, Ahmed; Di Santo, James P.; Barbosa, Suse D. Silva; Butler-Browne, Gillian; Savino, Wilson; Mouly, Vincentrestricted accessArticle