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2011Requirement of UNC93B1 reveals a critical role for TLR7 in host resistance to primary infection with Trypanosoma cruziCaetano, Braulia Costa; Carmo, Bianca B.; Melo, Mariane Bandeira de; Cerny, Anna; Santos, Sara Lopes dos; Bartholomeu, Daniella Castanheira; Golenbock, Douglas Taylor; Gazzinelli, Ricardo Tostesopen accessArticle
2010UNC93B1 Mediates Host Resistance to Infection with Toxoplasma gondiiMelo, Mariane B.; Kasperkovitz, Pia; Cerny, Anna; Konen Waisman, Stephanie; Jones, Evelyn A. Kurt; Lien, Egil; Beutler, Bruce; Howard, Jonathan C.; Golenbock, Douglas Taylor; Gazzinelli, Ricardo Tostes-Article