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2012Reference genes for accurate transcript normalization in citrus genotypes under different experimental conditionsMafra, Valéria; Kubo, Karen S.; Ferreira, Marcio Alves; Alves, Marcelo Ribeiro; Stuart, Rodrigo M.; Boava, Leonardo P.; Rodrigues, Carolina M.; Machado, Marcos accessArticle
2014Transcriptome analysis of gossypium hirsutum flower buds infested by cotton boll weevil (anthonomus grandis) larvaeArtico, Sinara; Alves, Marcelo Ribeiro; Oliveira Neto, Osmundo Brilhante; Macedo, Leonardo Lima Pepino de; Silveira, Sylvia; Sa, Maria Fátima Grossi de; Martinelli, Adriana Pinheiro; Ferreira, Marcio Alvesopen accessArticle