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2015Increase in virulence of Sporothrix brasiliensis over five years in a patient with chronic disseminated sporotrichosisFreitas, Dayvison F. S.; Santos, Suelen S.; Almeida-Paes, Rodrigo; Oliveira, Manoel M. E. de; Valle, Antonio C. F. do; Gutierrez-Galhardo, Maria Clara; Zancopé-Oliveira, Rosely M.; Nosanchuk, Joshua accessArticle
2015Sporotrichosis in the central nervous system caused by Sporothrix brasiliensisFreitas, Dayvison F. S.; Lima, Marco A.; Almeida-Paes, Rodrigo de; Lamas, Cristiane C.; Valle, Antonio C. F. do; Oliveira, Manoel M. E.; Zancopé-Oliveira, Rosely M.; Gutierrez-Galhardo, Maria Claraopen accessArticle