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2013Aging with HIV: an overview of an urban cohort in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) across decades of lifeTorres, Thiago Silva; Cardoso, Sandra Wagner; Velasque, Luciane de Souza; Marins, Luana Monteiro Spindola; Santini-Oliveira, Marilia; Veloso, Valdilea Gonçalves; Grinsztejn, Beatrizrestricted accessArticle
2014AIDS and non-AIDS severe morbidity associated with hospitalizations among HIV-infected patients in two regions with universal access to care and antiretroviral therapy, France and Brazil, 2000-2008: hospital-based cohort studiesLuz, Paula Mendes; Bruyand, Mathias; Ribeiro, Sayonara; Bonnet, Fabrice; Moreira, Ronaldo Ismério; Hessamfar, Mojgan; Campos, Dayse Perreira; Greib, Carine; Cazanave, Charles; Veloso, Valdilea Gonçalves; Dabis, François; Grinsztejn, Beatriz; Chêne, Geneviève; IPEC/FIOCRUZ Cohort; Aquitaine ANRS C03 Study Groupopen accessArticle
2014Association of single nucleotide polymorphisms in the lens epithelium-derived growth factor (LEDGF/p75) with HIV-1 infection outcomes in brazilian HIV-1+ individualsPassaes, Caroline Pereira Bittencourt; Cardoso, Cynthia Chester; Caetano, Diogo Gama; Teixeira, Sylvia Lopes Maia; Guimarães, Monick Lindenmeyer; Campos, Dayse Pereira; Veloso, Valdilea Gonçalves; Babic, Dunja Z.; Stevenson, Mario; Moraes, Milton Ozório; Morgado, Mariza Gonçalvesopen accessArticle
2013Avaliação do risco cardiovascular através dos indicadores de obesidade e de distribuição da gordura corporal em portadores de HIV virgens de tratamento antirretroviralEspirito Santo, Raquelopen accessDissertation
2018Awareness of Prevention Strategies and Willingness to Use Preexposure Prophylaxis in Brazilian Men Who Have Sex With Men Using Apps for Sexual Encounters: Online Cross-Sectional StudyTorres, Thiago Silva; De Boni, Raquel Brandini; Vasconcellos, Mauricio Tl; Luz, Paula Mendes; Hoagland, Brenda; Moreira, Ronaldo Ismerio; Veloso, Valdilea Gonçalves; Grinsztejn, Beatrizopen accessArticle
2014Cascade of access to interventions to prevent HIV mother to child transmission in the metropolitan area of Rio deJaneiro, BrazilAraujo, Elaine da Silva Pires; Friedman, Ruth Khalili; Camacho, Luis Antonio Bastos; Derrico, Monica; Moreira, Ronaldo Ismério; Calvet, Guilherme Amaral; Oliveira, Marília Santini de; Veloso, Valdilea Gonçalves; Pilotto, José Henrique; Grinsztejn, Beatriz Gilda Jegerhornopen accessArticle
2014Characteristics of the Sample Adequacy Control (SAC) in the Cepheid Xpert® CT/NG Assay in Female Urine SpecimensBristow, Claire; Adachi, Kristina; Nielsen-Saines, Karin; Ank, Bonnie; Pilotto, Jose Henrique; Joao, Esau C; Klausner, Jeffrey D; Veloso, Valdilea Gonçalves; Morgado, Mariza G; Watts, D Heatheropen accessArticle
2018Hybrid capture as a tool for cervical lesions screening in HIV-infected women: insights from a Brazilian cohortJalil, Emilia Moreira; Luz, Paula M.; Quintana, Marcel; Friedman, Ruth Khalili; Madeira, Rosa M Domingues S.; Andrade, Angela Cristina; Chicarino, Janice; Moreira, Ronaldo Ismerio; Derrico, Monica; Levi, José Eduardo; Russomano, Fabio; Veloso, Valdilea Gonçalves; Grinsztejn, Beatrizrestricted accessArticle
2014Incidence of antiretroviral adverse drug reactions in pregnant women in two referral centers for HIV prevention of mother-to-child-transmission care and research in Rio de Janeiro, BrazilOliveira, Marilia Santini; Friedman, Ruth Khalili; Veloso, Valdilea Gonçalves; Cunha, Cynthia Braga; Pilotto, José Henrique; Marins, Luana Monteiro Spindola; João, Esaú Custódio; Torres, Thiago Silva; Grinsztejn, Beatriz Gilda Jegerhornopen accessArticle
2017Micro-costing analysis of guideline-based treatment by direct-acting agents: the real-life case of hepatitis C management in BrazilPerazzo, Hugo; Jorge, Marcelino José; Silva, Julio Castro; Avellar, Alexandre Monken; Silva, Patrícia Santos; Romero, Carmen; Veloso, Valdilea Gonçalves; Mujica-Mota, Ruben; Anderson, Rob; Hyde, Chris; Castro, Rodolfoopen accessArticle
2011Nelfinavir and Lamivudine pharmacokinetics during the first two weeks of lifeMirochnick, Mark; Nielsen-Saines, Karin; Pilotto, Jose Henrique; Pinto, Jorge; Veloso, Valdilea Gonçalves; Rossi, Steven; Moye, Jack; Bryson, Yvonne; Mofenson, Lynne; Camarca, Margaret; Watts, D. Heatheropen accessArticle
2018Next-generation sequencing analyses of the emergence and maintenance of mutations in CTL epitopes in HIV controllers with differential viremia controlCaetano, Diogo Gama; Côrtes, Fernanda Heloise; Bello, Gonzalo; Teixeira, Sylvia Lopes Maia; Hoagland, Brenda; Grinsztejn, Beatriz; Veloso, Valdilea Gonçalves; Guimarães, Monick Lindenmeyer; Morgado, Mariza Gonçalvesopen accessArticle
2019Reduction of HIV-1 reservoir size and diversity after 1 year of cART among Brazilian individuals starting treatment during early stages of acute infectionLeite, Thaysse Ferreira; Delatorre, Edson; Côrtes, Fernanda Heloise; Ferreira, Ana Cristina Garcia; Cardoso, Sandra Wagner; Grinsztejn, Beatriz; Andrade, Michelle Morata de; Veloso, Valdilea Gonçalves; Morgado, Mariza Gonçalves; Guimarães, Monick Lindenmeyeropen accessArticle
2018Reduction of inflammation and T cell activation after 6 months of cART initiation during acute, but not in early chronic HIV‑1 infectionPaula, Hury Hellen Souza de; Ferreira, Ana Cristina Garcia; Caetano, Diogo Gama; Delatorre, Edson; Teixeira, Sylvia Lopes Maia; Coelho, Lara Esteves; João, Eduarda Grinsztejn; Andrade, Michelle Morata de; Cardoso, Sandra Wagner; Grinsztejn, Beatriz; Veloso, Valdilea Gonçalves; Morgado, Mariza Gonçalves; Guimarães, Monick Lindenmeyer; Côrtes, Fernanda Heloiseopen accessArticle
2018Zika Virus Infection and Differential Diagnosis in A Cohort of HIV-Infected PatientsCalvet, Guilherme Amaral; Brasil, Patricia; Siqueira, Andre Machado; Zogbi, Heruza Einsfeld; Gonçalves, Bianca de Santis; Santos, Aline da Silva; Lupi, Otilia; Souza, Rogerio Valls; Rodrigues, Cintia Damasceno dos Santos; Bressan, Clarisse da Silveira; Wakimoto, Mauymi Duarte; Araújo, Eliane Saraiva; Santos, Ingrid Cardoso; Georg, Ingebourg; Nogueira, Rita Maria Ribeiro; Veloso, Valdilea Gonçalves; Filippis, Ana Maria Bisporestricted accessArticle