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dc.contributor.authorMassarani, Luisa
dc.contributor.authorMoreira, Ildeu de Castro
dc.contributor.authorLewenstein, Bruce
dc.identifier.citationMASSARANI, Luisa; MOREIRA, Ildeu de Castro; LEWENSTEIN, Bruce. A historical kaleidoscope of public communication of science and technology. Journal of Science Communication, v.16, n.3, p.1-4, 2017.
dc.rightsrestricted access
dc.subject.otherHistória da comunicação pública da ciência
dc.subject.otherEngajamento público com Ciência e Tecnologia
dc.subject.otherComunicação científica no mundo em desenvolvimento
dc.titleA historical kaleidoscope of public communication of science and technology
dc.description.abstractenScience communication is today a well-established —although young—area of research. However, there are only a few books and papers analyzing how science communication has developed historically. Aiming to, in some way, contribute to filling this gap, JCOM organized this special issue on the History of Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST), joining 15 contributions, from different parts of the globe. The papers published in this issue are organized in three groups, though with diffuse boundaries: geography, media, and discipline. The first group contains works that deal descriptively and critically with the development of PCST actions and either general or specific public policies for this area in specific countries. A second set of papers examines aspects of building science communication on TV or in print media. The third group of papers presents and discusses important PCST cases in specific areas of science or technology at various historical moments.
dc.creator.affilliationFundação Oswaldo Cruz. Casa de Oswaldo Cruz. Museu da Vida. Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil
dc.creator.affilliationUniversidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. Instituto de Física. Departamento de Física Teórica. Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil
dc.creator.affilliation"Sem afiliação"
dc.subject.enHistory of public communication of science
dc.subject.enPublic engagement with science and technology
dc.subject.enScience communication in the developing world
dc.subject.decsComunicação e divulgação científica
dc.subject.decsComunicação e divulgação científica/história
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