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2016Frequency of complications and the effects of pneumococcal vaccination in young children with acute respiratory tract infectionOliveira, Juliana Rebouças de; Bouzas, Maiara Lanna Souza Bacelar; Cardoso, Maria Regina Alves; Barral, Aldina Maria Prado; Carvalho, Cristiana Maria Costa Nascimento; Acute Respiratory Infection and Wheeze Study Group Phase I and IIopen accessArticle
2016Respiratory syncytial virus a and b display different temporal patterns in a 4-year prospective cross-sectional study among children with acute respiratory infection in a tropical cityBouzas, Maiara Lanna Souza Bacelar; Oliveira, Juliana R; Fukutani, Kiyoshi Ferreira; Borges, Igor Carmo; Barral, Aldina Maria Prado; Gucht, Winke Van der; Wollants, Elke; Van Ranst, Marc; Oliveira, Camila Indiani de; Van Weyenbergh, Johan Jozef Rosa Maria; Carvalho, Cristiana Maria Costa Nascimento; The Acute Respiratory Infection, Wheeze Study Group Phase I, IIopen accessArticle