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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)CopyrightType
2015Dissemination of non-pandemic Caribbean HIV-1 subtype B clades in Latin AmericaCabello, Marina; Junqueira, Dennis Maletich; Bello, Gonzaloopen accessArticle
2016Multiple introductions and onward transmission of non-pandemic HIV-1 subtype B strains in North America and EuropeCabello, Marina; Romero, Hector; Bello, Gonzaloopen accessArticle
2015Phylodynamics of major HIV-1 subtype B pandemic clades circulating in Latin AmericaMir, Daiana; Cabello, Marina; Romero, Hector; Bello, Gonzalorestricted accessArticle
2014Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Dissemination of Non- Pandemic HIV-1 Subtype B Clades in the Caribbean RegionCabello, Marina; Mendoza, Yaxelis; Bello, Gonzaloopen accessArticle