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2014Anthropic effects on sand fly (Diptera: Psychodidae) abundance and diversity in an Amazonian rural settlement, BrazilRamos, Walkyria Rodrigues; Medeiros, Jansen Fernandes; Julião, Genimar Rebouças; Ríos-Velásquez, Claudia María; Marialva, Eric Fabrício; Desmouliére, Sylvain J. M.; Luz, Sérgio Luiz Bessa; Pessoa, Felipe Arley Costaopen accessArticle
2016Description of the genital atrium of three Lutzomyia species in the subgenus Psathyromyia (Diptera, Psychodidae, Phlebominae) from the Central Brazilian AmazonOliveira, Arley Faria; Marialva, Eric Fabrício; Barbosa, Jeane Cristine; Aguiar, Nair Otaviano; Pessoa, Felipe Arleyopen accessArticle
2015Ecological aspects and molecular detection of Leishmania DNA Ross (Kinetoplastida: Trypanosomatidae) in phlebotomine sandflies (Diptera: Psychodidae) in terra firme and várzea environments in the Middle Solimões Region, Amazonas State, BrazilPereira Júnior, Antonio Marques; Teles, Carolina Bioni Garcia; Santos, Ana Paula de Azevedo dos; Rodrigues, Moreno de Souza; Marialva, Eric Fabrício; Pessoa, Felipe Arley Costa; Medeiros, Jansen Fernandesopen accessArticle
2018Lutzomyia umbratilis from an area south of the Negro River is refractory to in vitro interaction with Leishmania guyanensisSoares, Rodrigo Pedro Pinto; Nogueira, Paula Monalisa; Secundino, Nágila Francinete; Marialva, Eric Fabrício; Ríos-Velásquez, Cláudia Maria; Pessoa, Felipe Arley Costaopen accessArticle