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2020Reporter Replicons for Antiviral Drug Discovery against Positive Single-Stranded RNA VirusesFernandes, Rafaela S.; Freire, Marjorie C. L. C.; Bueno, Renata V.; Godoy, Andre S.; Gil, Laura H. V. G.; Oliva, Glauciusopen accessArticle
2020Structural characterization and polymorphism analysis of the NS2B-NS3 protease from the 2017 Brazilian circulating strain of Yellow Fever virusNoske, Gabriela Dias; Gawriljuk, Victor Oliveira; Fernandes, Rafaela Sachetto; Furtado, Nathalia Dias; Bonaldo, Myrna Cristina; Oliva, Glaucius; Godoy, Andre Schutzerrestricted accessArticle