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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)CopyrightType
2012Growth hormone modulates migration of thymocytes and peripheral T cellsSavino, Wilson; Smaniotto, Salete; Cruz, Daniella Arêas Mendes da; Dardenne, Mireillerestricted accessArticle
2012Inhibitory effect of semaphorin-3A, a known axon guidance molecule, in the human thymocyte migration induced by CXCL12Garcia, Flavia; Lepelletier, Yves; Smaniotto, Salete; Hadj-Slimane, Réda; Dardenne, Mireille; Hermine, Olivier; Savino, Wilsonrestricted accessArticle
2013Mouse Basophils Reside in Extracellular Matrix-Enriched Bone Marrow Niches Which Control Their MotilitySmaniotto, Salete; Schneider, Elke; Goudin, Nicolas; Bricard-Rignault, Rachel; Machavoine, François; Dardenne, Mireille; Dy, Michel; Savino, Wilsonopen accessArticle
2014Semaphorin 3F and Neuropilin-2 Control the Migration of Human T-Cell PrecursorsCruz, Daniella Arêas Mendes da; Brignier, Anne Colette; Asnafi, Vahid; Beleydier, Frederic; Messias, Carolina Valença; Lepelletier, Yves; Bedjaoui, Nawel; Renand, Amedée; Smaniotto, Salete; Canloni, Danielle; Milpied, Pierre; Balabanian, Karl; Bousso, Phillippe; Leprétre, Stéphane; Bertrand, Yves; Dombret, Hervé; Ifrah, Norbert; Dardenne, Mireille; Macintyre, Elizabeth; Savino, Wilson; Hermine, Olivieropen accessArticle
2012Semaphorins and neuropilins: new players in the neuroendocrine control of the intrathymic T-cell migration in humansCruz, Daniella Arêas Mendes da; Lacerda, Leandra Linhares; Smaniotto, Salete; Dardenne, Mireille; Savino, Wilsonrestricted accessArticle