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2019Genetic and biological characterisation of Zika virus isolates from different brazilian regionsStrottmann, Daisy Maria; Zanluca, Camila; Mosimann, Ana Luiza Pamplona; Koishi, Andrea Cristine; Auwerter, Nathalia Cavalheiro; Faoro, Helisson; Cataneo, Allan Henrique Depieri; Kuczera, Diogo; Wowk, Pryscilla Fanini; Bordignon, Juliano; Santos, Claudia Nunes Duarte dosopen accessArticle
2016Genome-wide analyses reveal a highly conserved Dengue virus envelope peptide which is critical for virus viability and antigenic in humansFleith, Renata; Lobo, Francisco; Santos, Paula Fernandes dos; Rocha, Mariana; Bordignon, Juliano; Strottmann, Daisy Maria; Patricio, Daniel; Pavanelli, Wander Rogério; Sarzi, Maria Lo; Santos, Claudia Nunes Duarte dos; Ferguson, Brian; Mansur, Daniel Santosopen accessArticle
2020Predictive model of COVID-19 incidence and socioeconomic description of municipalities in BrazilCarneiro, Isadora C. R.; Ferreira, Eloiza D.; Silva, Janaina C. da; Soares, Guilherme; Strottmann, Daisy Maria; Silveira, Guilherme Ferreiraopen accessPreprint
2012Synergistic interactions between the NS3(hel) and E proteins contribute to the virulence of Dengue Virus Type 1Borba, Luana de; Strottmann, Daisy Maria; Noronha, Lucia de; Mason, Peter W.; Santos, Claudia Nunes Duarte dosopen accessArticle