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2010Cognitive dysfunction is sustained after rescue therapy in experimental cerebral malaria, and is reduced by additive antioxidant therapyReis, Patricia A.; Comim, Clarissa M.; Hermani, Fernanda; Silva, Bruno; Barichello, Tatiana; Portella, Aline C.; Gomes, Flavia C. A.; Sab, Ive M.; Frutuoso, Valber S.; Oliveira, Marcus F.; Bozza, Patricia T.; Bozza, Fernando A.; Dal-Pizzol, Felipe; Zimmerman, Guy A.; Quevedo, João; Faria Neto, Hugo C. Castroopen accessArticle
2012Effects of experimental cerebral malaria in memory, brain-derived neurotrophic factor and acetylcholinesterase activity [correction for acitivity] in the hippocampus of survivor miceComim, Clarissa M.; Reis, Patrícia A.; Frutuoso, Valber S.; Fries, Gabriel R.; Fraga, Daiane B.; Kapczinski, Flávio; Zugno, Alexandra I.; Barichello, Tatiana; Quevedo, João; Faria Neto, Hugo C. Castrorestricted accessArticle
2018Vitamin B6 Reduces Neurochemical and Long-Term Cognitive Alterations After Polymicrobial Sepsis: Involvement of the Kynurenine Pathway ModulationDanielski, Lucinéia Gainski; Giustina, Amanda Della; Goldim, Mariana Pereira; Florentino, Drielly; Mathias, Khiany; Garbossa, Leandro; Schraiber, Rosiane de Bona; Laurentino, Ana Olívia Martins; Goulart, Marina; Michels, Monique; Queiroz, Karina Barbosa de; Kohlhof, Markus; Rezin, Gislaine Tezza; Fortunato, Jucélia Jeremias; Quevedo, Joao; Barichello, Tatiana; Dal-Pizzol, Felipe; Coimbra, Roney Santos; Petronilho, Fabriciarestricted accessArticle