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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)CopyrightType
2015Chikungunya virus transmission potential by local Aedes mosquitoes in the Americas and EuropeVega-Rúa, Anubis; Oliveira, Ricardo Lourenço de; Mousson, Laurence; Vazeille, Marie; Fuchs, Sappho; Yébakima, André; Gustave, Joel; Girod, Romain; Dusfour, Isabelle; Leparc-Goffart, Isabelle; Vanlandingham, Dana L.; Huang, Yan-Jang S.; Lounibos, L. Philip; Mohamed Ali, Souand; Nougairede, Antoine; Lamballerie, Xavier de; Failloux, Anna-Bellaopen accessArticle
2019Rapid Loss of Resistance to Satyrization in Invasive Mosquitoes and the Effects of Age on Interspecific Mating FrequencyBargielowski, Irka; Honório, Nildimar A.; Blosser, Erik M.; Lounibos, L. Philiprestricted accessArticle
2016Seasonal Differences in Density But Similar Competitive Impact of Aedes albopictus (Skuse) on Aedes aegypti (L.) in Rio de Janeiro, BrazilCamara, Daniel Cardoso Portela; Codeço, Claudia Torres; Juliano, Steven A.; Lounibos, L. Philip; Riback, Thais Irene Souza; Pereira, Glaucio Rocha; Honório, Nildimar Alvesopen accessArticle
2014She’s a femme fatale: low-density larval development produces good disease vectorsJuliano, Steven A.; Ribeiro, Gabriel Sylvestre; Freitas, Rafael Maciel de; Castro, Márcia G.; Codeço, Claudia; Oliveira, Ricardo Lourenço de; Lounibos, L. Philipopen accessArticle
2004The invasion of urban forest by dengue vectors in Rio de JaneiroOliveira, Ricardo Lourenço de; Castro, Márcia G.; Braks, Marieta A. H.; Lounibos, L. Philiprestricted accessArticle