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Title: System and method for creation of perspective images generated by a negative exponential algorithm
???metadata.dc.contributor.inventor???: Morel, Carlos Medicis
Affilliation: Fiocruz. Centro de Desenvolvimento Tecnológico em Saúde. Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil
???metadata.dc.identifier.sharewith???: United States Patent and Trademark Office
???metadata.dc.identifier.ndeposito???: 12/516,045
??? 2007-11-28
???metadata.dc.identifier.ndepositoprior???: 0606106
??? 2012-08-28
???metadata.dc.identifier.npublicacao???: US 8,253,741 B2
Abstract: A system for creation of perspective images of the present invention includes: A new method for transforming three-dimensional (3D) world coordinates into two-dimensional (2D) screen coordinates using a negative exponential algorithm, instead of the classical projection algorithms that have the distance 'z' to the observer in the denominator (division algorithms); A new method for generating realistic perspective images of objects located at any distance from the observer (positive, negative or zero distances) that does not need any correction for zero or negative distances; The demonstration of practical use of the invention by computer graphics programs that generates and displays perspective images based on this exponential algorithm.
Issue Date: 2012
Copyright: open access
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