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2006Cutting edge: TLR9 and TLR2 signaling together account for MyD88-dependent control of parasitemia in Trypanosoma cruzi infectionBafica, Andre Luiz Barbosa; Santiago, Helton da Costa; Goldszmid, Romina; Ropert, Catherine; Gazzinelli, Ricardo Tostes; Sher, Alanrestricted accessArticle
2013Differential Use of TLR2 and TLR9 in the Regulation of Immune Responses during the Infection with Trypanosoma cruziGravina, Humberto Doriguêtto; Antonelli, Lis Ribeiro do Valle; Gazzinelli, Ricardo Tostes; Ropert, Catherineopen accessArticle
2009Malaria primes the innate immune response due to interferon-y induced enhancement of toll-like receptor expression and functionFranklin, Bernardo S.; Parroche, Peggy; Ataíde, Marco Antônio; Lauw, Fanny; Ropert, Catherine; Oliveira, Rosane B. de; Pereira, Dhelio; Tada, Mauro Shugiro; Nogueira, Paulo Afonso; Silva, Luiz Hildebrando Pereira da; Bjorkbacka, Harry; Golenbock, Douglas Taylor; Gazzinelli, Ricardo accessArticle
2014Mast cells are crucial in the resistance against Toxoplasma gondii oral infectionCruz, Aline; Mendes, Erica Araujo; Andrade, Marcus Vinicius Melo de; Nascimento, Vanuza Chagas do; Cartelle, Christiane Teixeira; Arantes, Rosa Maria Esteves; Melo, Jose Renan da Cunha; Gazzinelli, Ricardo Tostes; Ropert, Catherinerestricted accessArticle
2016MyD88 Adapter-like (Mal)/TIRAP Is Required for Cytokine Production by Splenic Ly6C(lo)TLR2(hi) but Not by Ly6C(hi)TLR2(hi) Monocytes during Trypanosoma cruzi Infection.Gravina, Humberto Doriguêtto; Goes, Alfredo Miranda; Murta, Silvane Maria Fonseca; Ropert, Catherinerestricted accessArticle
2016MyD88 adapter-like (Mal)/TIRAP is required for cytokine production by splenic Ly6CloTLR2hi but not by Ly6ChiTLR2hi monocytes during Trypanosoma cruzi InfectionGravina, Humberto Doriquêtto; Goes, Alfredo Miranda; Murta, Silvane Maria Fonseca; Ropert, Catherinerestricted accessArticle
2010The endless race between Trypanosoma cruzi and host immunity: lessons for and beyond Chagas diseaseJunqueira, Caroline; Caetano, Bráulia Costa; Bartholomeu, Daniella Castanheira; Melo, Mariane B.; Ropert, Catherine; Rodrigues, Maurício Martins; Gazzinelli, Ricardo Tostesrestricted accessArticle
2012Trypanosoma cruzi adjuvants potentiate T Cell-mediated immunity induced by a NY-ESO-1 based antitumor vaccineGiusta, Caroline Junqueira; Guerrero, Ana Tereza; Galvão Filho, Bruno; Andrade, Warrison Athanásio Coelho de; Salgado, Ana Paula Carneiro; Cunha, Thiago Mattar; Ropert, Catherine; Campos, Marco Antônio da Silva; Penido, Marcus Luiz de Oliveira; Previato, Lúcia Mendonça; Previato, Jose Oswaldo; Ritter, Gerd; Cunha, Fernando Queiroz; Gazzinelli, Ricardo Tostesopen accessArticle